from this CM
I wonder who that is…?

from this CM

I wonder who that is…?

  1. princescatherinepop answered: hikibi no es yamato hay me rindo :(
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    is that you Miyako ? are you making your anime debut ? too blur too see #ds2_a
  3. cinnamondoll answered: I think its Miyako seeing the bangs and its impossible to be a man because of the breast…
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  5. lucatruelywaath answered: Most certainly Yamato or Hibiki bathing. In any case, this is really good. /dies
  6. yukari-in-wonderland answered: I don’t think it’s Io. Io has a shorter bangs. I think it’s Makoto or Hibiki, but he/she has Yamato’s dark circles.
  7. shiseptiana answered: maybe it’s io?
  8. minegishikazuya answered: i’m guessing Yamato or Io
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